My long flight went over the north pole which weirded me out when I looked out the window! Makes sense, I just never thought about it I guess.

My “jetlag warrior” outfit: Earplugs, eye mask, wrap-around neck pillow. Not weird looking at all…

Stayed in a “Boxtel” in the airport in Bangkok for my long layover. Small but WAY better than sleeping in chairs or on the airport floor.

This “capsule” hotel was in the airport right next to my Boxtel. Next time…
Dave and Mel’s backyard. Tropical green overload!
The Bura Resort is beautiful! Waterfalls everywhere, the owners were super nice and the price was crazy good.
My view out the front of my room while raining. Talk about chilling out 🙂

Hot springs. We soaked our feet in the natural hot water after getting the best (and cheapest) 2-hour massage I’ve ever had (we also got foot massages 2 days earlier.) Dave was recovering from a serious illness and you don’t have to convince me to take it easy 🙂
One night we ate at a restaurant that had live jazz in the garden. What a place! The food was amazing and the place looked like it had been there forever (but it was only 3 years old I guess.)

Thai architects add little steps everywhere to “trip up the spirits.” They also do steps on staircases at different heights for the same reason. They succeeded in tripping up this human a couple times that’s for sure.

Thai Baht. The ratio was about 30/1 for US$. The prices in Thailand were amazingly reasonable for pretty much everything. The guy with glasses is the late king, the younger guy is his son who is the kind now.
Watching Ice Cube in a Thai dub of “Anaconda.” Perfecto…

The last night and most of the last day we stayed at A Star Phulare Valley Resort. Incredible place! More ultra-chill time.
Last day we went through the local market. So many crazy and cool things to see!

My hosts and long-time friends Dave and Mel and their awesome boys. Can’t wait to go back someday (with my crew hopefully.)